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Photo Restoration

I offer restoration services as I enjoy reviving historical artifacts and family memories.

Roll your mouse over the image (or tap on your mobile device) to see the restoration.

This wedding photo was rescued after having been lost for two years during Hurricane Sandy, which hit New York in 2012 and was one of the costliest storms in US history ($75 billion).  After being blown around in pounding rain, the photo was damaged by water, mud and sand.  The journey of this photo made news around the world. 
Superstorm Sandy - Lost Wedding Photo
Here's one I restored of a sea captain and his wife — my great grandparents.  The results are dramatic.  
Scratches, scuffs, inkmarks and dirt were removed, fading tones refreshed, and damaged and missing portions were re-created.  
It was a challenge because I was working from a low resolution pdf file.  When furnished with the original photo, I can
make a high-resolution digital scan to give me greater control over the final results.
  Nevertheless, I could have
continued and restored the image to perfection, but made the artistic decision to leave some of the patina.

Roll your mouse over the image (or tap on your mobile device) to see the restoration.
Photo Retouching Example 1

Roll over your mouse to see the restoration results of this second photo.  Why is my great grandmother by herself?
Read about my great grandfather's strange high seas misadventure in my blog post, Cuba, Commerce and Cannibals.
Restoring the history of what actually happened is a greater challenge than the photos.

Photo Retouch Example 2
This photo was restored from a low resolution file provided by the owner.  In addition to extreme reconstruction of missing parts, the adhesive tape stains had to be removed, the two halves realigned and the tear and varying tones blended. 
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