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Theodore Roosevelt:  "How I Love Sagamore Hill"
Theodore Roosevelt - "How I Love Sagamore Hill"

January 26 to December 31, 2014

Harvard College
Lamont/Pusey Library
Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Map and Directions | (617) 495-2440

See a video commentary from the Sagamore Hill debut
See News 12's broadcast Secrets of Sagamore Hill
Read the New York Times' An Unorthodox Look at a President's Home

View the entire photographic collection

Open to the public | Free Admission

Contact Heather Cole for more info:  (617) 495-2449


This solo exhibit features 26 photographs from the first artistic collection documenting the vacant interiors of Sagamore Hill, which was the home of President Theodore Roosevelt.  The photographs of the 23 room mansion (also known as the "Summer White House") were commissioned as part of a three-year, $7.2 million dollar structural rehabilitation of the house, which is presently closed to the public.

Also on exhibit, in an adjacent room, are portraits of the Roosevelts by photographer Edward S. Curtis.

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